With design-build, David Frank Builders performs both architectural and engineering design as well as the actual construction work. We use this system because it has many advantages over the “traditional” contracting approach or “design-bid-build” where the client commissions an architect or engineer to prepare drawings and specifications, and separately selects a contractor by negotiation or competitive bidding. The design-build method provides a unique set of advantages not available in any other construction delivery system:

Undivided Responsibility. Design-build provides both architecture/engineering and construction resources under a single contract. The owner works directly with DFB—a single entity—for cost control, quality assurance, schedule adherence and performance of the finished project. This results in clearly fixed responsibility, maximum cost control and immediate responsiveness.

Collaboration. The client can exercise his or her desired degree of control over design with the added advantage of continuously knowing the cost implications of each decision. The client’s control of the entire process is strengthened by contracting with a single firm that is unconditionally committed to the success of the project.

Early Knowledge of Costs. The design-build team, working closely with the owner, accurately conceptualizes the completed project at an early stage. Continuous and concurrent estimating during the development of design results in knowledge of firm overall cost far sooner than is traditionally possible. This process also permits making early decisions—which have the greatest impact upon project costs—in an informed, cost-based environment.

Faster Turnaround. Construction can commence before the design is complete. This allows an expedited schedule compared to traditional construction, where the owner must wait through advertising, receiving and reviewing bids. In addition, project budgets and costs are established before final plans and extensive detailing are completed, eliminating costly redesigns and lost time. Early planning involvement in the project’s design allows for the best opportunity to control project costs. Plus, occupancy can occur earlier, resulting in increased productivity for our clients.